Top Obstacles to Business Process Improvement

Think back to January 2020. Some companies had considered remote work before, some companies had already embraced remote working and others had vetoed a remote work environment completely. Fast forward two months into 2020 and companies were forced to transition to a remote work environment. 

At that time, companies were faced with re-engineering internal processes to continue to function during a lockdown. Before 2020, business process management (BPM) was ‘nice to have’ but overnight it became a business-critical strategy.

Leaders today recognize the value of business process management, but in a 2020 survey conducted by BPMTrends, 42% of respondents said they have less than 25% of their business processes modeled and 6% said they had none of their processes modeled at all. So why is it that even though leaders acknowledge the importance of business process management, it is still put off by otherwise strategically oriented organizations? Here are some of the obstacles faced in business process management implementation. 

  • Management does not want to make the investment now
  • Multiple process-change efforts are competing for attention
  • Management wants ROI estimates we can’t produce
  • Senior management isn’t interested or is focused elsewhere

Do any of these obstacles sound familiar? What obstacles does your organization experience when it comes to business process management? 

We understand that in many cases senior leaders avoid prioritizing process management because there are many other initiatives at hand. The other initiatives that capture the attention of senior leaders are those that directly impact the bottom line. But what if we told you that creating repeatable processes offers several benefits that WILL improve the bottom line? 

In the coming weeks we’ll cover the benefits BPM can offer to your organization and its customers, how software end-of-life can trigger an immediate need for BPM and how to evaluate BPM vendors. Ready to consider how business process improvement efforts will impact your organization’s future? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

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