Six Results from Creating Repeatable Processes

In our recent blogs, we have uncovered the obstacles faced in business process management (BPM) implementation, and scenarios that set off major initiatives to develop repeatable processes. Senior leaders will insist on understanding the results the effort and initial disruption will provide. 

Here are six positive results from embracing business process management : 

Reduce costs by improving efficiencies

As a process is refined over time, process documentation will capture and codify the efficiencies. By building a repeating process and taking steps to document the process, organizations will consistently benefit from reduced expenses. 

Greater customer satisfaction and improved customer retention

Consistency within the organization leads to consistent quality in deliverables, and customers notice. Customers come to depend on that quality and are less likely to seek out a different source. 

Capacity to add new products and services

Improved efficiency frees up resources. Available resources provide opportunities for new, complementary offerings. New products and services can allow you to reach a new market, deepen relationships with existing customers and ultimately generate more revenue.

Greater scalability

A consistently repeatable process also allows for the organization to take on more work or deliver more to its customers. An increase in productivity provides an opportunity to get more done and meet rising market demand.

Positive change in a corporate culture, improved employee retention and engagement

BPM doesn’t just impact the bottom line and senior leaders, it impacts the entire organization, including all your employees! Lack of structure and clear procedures can be overwhelming and stressful for employees. When an organization provides clear direction and consistent operating guidelines, employees are more likely to feel valued, stay engaged and productive. It is a win-win for everyone! 

New ways to do things better

When you create a repeatable process using a trusted methodology for business process improvement, you will uncover even more ways to do things better. 

Speaking with those who are doing the work will allow you to uncover the bottlenecks as well as opportunities for improvement. You will also get suggestions on other ways to accomplish tasks that management might not otherwise think of because they are not the ones doing the work. 

Make the positive change

As you can see, one benefit leads to another when it comes to BPM implementation.  With repeatable processes in place, organizations can reduce their cost by improving internal efficiencies and finding new ways to do things better. They will improve employee retention and engagement as well as enjoy greater customer satisfaction. Repeatable processes result in positive change in the corporate culture, greater scalability and increased capacity for new products or services. 

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