Outcomes of a Gymnastic Approach

In our previous blog, Characteristics of a Gymnastic Enterprise, we examined how the concept of a more flexible team-style project management approach has enabled many companies in 2020 and 2021 to weather hard times and make quicker comebacks, with better internal performance and overall outcome.

The Project Management Institute’s 2021 study, Beyond Agility: Flex to the Future, Pulse of the Profession, examines how the gymnastic approach affects project outcomes. Here are a few of their findings.

More projects met their original goals and business objectives.

Pre-pandemic and pre-gymnastic/agile approach surveys report that 68% of projects met their intended goals. In the 2021 study, companies reported that 73% of projects were completed effectively. 

More projects were completed within the original budget and were completed on time.

We see similar results with project budgets. In 2019 57% of projects were completed within budget and in 2021, that number rose to 62%. In looking at on-time completions, the percentage rose from 51% in 2019 to 55% in 2021.

Fewer projects experienced scope creep. 

The gymnastic approach served companies well in keeping projects from shifting into new territory through scope creep. In 2021 only 34% of projects experienced that shift, while in 2019 37% did.

Progressive Attitude Makes The Difference

The ultimate driver behind the most successful transitions was the progressive attitude of the companies that were already looking into more flexible business approaches and greater IT integration before the pandemic put these plans to the test.

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