Has Your Organization Embraced the Project Economy?

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, a thought leader in project management and strategy implementation, believes “The Project Economy” has arrived and is poised to replace operations as the engine of growth throughout the global marketplace. Nieto-Rodriguez believes that projects are displacing operations as the primary economic force and the Project Management Institute seems to be in full agreement.  They estimate that by 2027, more than 88 million people will be working in fluid project management roles, instead of in traditionally titled jobs.

The six key skills Nieto-Rodriguez highlights are core competencies for exceptional project leaders.

  1. Project Management Skills – They need to understand the technical complexities, and why projects fail or complete. They need to be able to monitor with understanding and report with clarity.
  2. Expertise in Product Development/Subject Matter – Know what you’re selling. Know who you’re selling to. Know what characteristics are most needed in the project manager. Be able to communicate effectively with both experts and team members.
  3. Business Acumen – Know the organization, its strategies, its key competitors and how to discuss financials.
  4. Leadership and Change Management Skills – be able to create a high-performing team, build bridges, coach staff and resolve disagreements diplomatically.
  5. Adaptability – They need to be comfortable working in this environment, and knowledgeable about Agile-type frameworks.
  6. Ethics and Values – They create a respectful, safe and nonjudgmental environment for the team to build trust and be able to communicate with each other openly. It’s good to start the group off with a code of ethics to follow.

If Henry Ford was the star of the 20th century’s version of operational success, who will be the star of the 21st century’s version of project success?

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