Why to Consider Project Management As A Service in the New Normal

COVID-19 and the shift to a work-from-home/hybrid work model has resulted in a “new normal,” in which organizations like yours face new and unique challenges in how they plan, manage, and oversee projects. 

Ask yourself this question: Is your management team ready to take on all the projects in your new work model? Hard to predict, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, in these challenging times, this question is not an easy one to answer. 

That’s why you and your team may want to consider how project management as a service (PMaas) can help you effortlessly adapt to your work model and transform the way projects are being managed under the “new normal.” 

What is Project Management as a Service? 

Essentially, project management as a service (PMaas) is an external partner that helps you and your team during and throughout a project lifecycle. 

Your organization can choose to team up with this external partner before or during a project. The external partner can oversee your team and project from start to finish, ensuring the successful delivery of your project.

Oftentimes, it makes sense to either have a PMaaS partner manage and oversee the entire project over the course of the development or individual workstreams or phases of the project. Whatever your needs may be, the solutions offered by a PMaaS partner are flexible and adapt to your organization’s unique needs. 

Moreover, a PMaaS partner properly identifies your project’s scope of work, the conditions and systems in place to stay within budget, and the time constraints to ensure successful project delivery. 

Careers have suffered at the hands of poorly planned and executed projects.  

This is where BDM Squared comes in, as your PMaaS partner, we will meet your organization’s project management needs.

Delivering Successful Projects in the New Normal 

In a recent survey, it was found that over 88% of remote workers face inconsistent leadership and miscommunication with other team members and stakeholders, while 73% of employees report burnout during the pandemic. 

These statistics are alarming, as the overall efficiency and outcomes play a major factor into the overall scope and process in your project management team. Project management as a service (PMaaS) solves this challenge in 2021.

Delivering projects in the new normal has brought about new challenges for project delivery. It has become crucial for project managers to forecast and manage unexpected project costs and minimize time overruns. 

Having an external PMO-led professional team means a more clear, flexible, and standardized approach to project management within the new normal. 

Benefits of PMaaS in the Post-Pandemic World: 

The emergence of the pandemic has certainly shaped the way internal stakeholders and organizations work and conduct business. The need for a more proactive and transparent project management system is essential for moving forward into the post-pandemic world. 

Minimizing cost overruns and managing unexpected economic events is vital to making sure that the scope of your project is consistent with your organization’s strategic objectives and financial strategy. Not to mention, the amount of change orders and cost overruns during the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the increased need and awareness for managing unexpected project costs and time overruns. 

With a PMaaS solution, your organization gains access to more expertise-driven project management solutions: 

•Access to project-specific expertise 

By having a PMaaS partner for your next major initiative, you are able to get a fresh set of eyes and expertise-driven solutions. 

Here at BDM Squared, we have been exposed to a broad set of projects, including implementing strategic, enterprise-level technology projects, and programs for major corporations both nationally and internationally. 

•Reduce ongoing expenses 

With a PMaaS solution, you only pay for the service delivered by your PMaaS partner. 

We have trained experts that have years in project oversight, business process improvement & automation, project management office, and more. No training of new personnel necessary. Welcome to a more strategic but flexible project management solution. 

•Greater transparency comes with an PMaaS partner 

An external PMaaS partner provides a more objective approach to your projects. Instead of a biased perspective, you’ll be able to get an outside perspective, more honesty and transparency for previously unaddressed risks or missed opportunities. 

•Advanced technology and services 

An expertise-focused PMO solution ensures you access to the latest project management technologies, functionalities, techniques, and service offerings. 

At BDM Squared, we have leveraged our proven methodology and toolset for major corporate and international business projects to help the delivery of successful project outcomes. 

Why choose BDM Squared for your next PMaaS solution? 

At BDM Squared, we have adjusted to the new normal by shifting the way we conduct business and how we manage in a hybrid environment to ensure the continuation of project success.

We have been offering on-site and remote office solutions way before the global pandemic, so we know how to adapt to your unique work model needs. As a result, we supply our PMO professional staff to your team for remote or onsite project management.

Our flexible management staff adapts to your work dynamics to ensure the delivery of optimal outcomes for project success. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can deliver your next successful project with a PMaaS solution, and discover how we can be your next external partner in the new normal.

Thanks for reading our blog! If you want to learn more about PMaaS and best practices for project management, request a free consultation today.