AI + Humans = Great Results

AI-driven reengineering is here to stay – from manufacturing to banking – AI can automate machine processes and research processes. It’s easy to isolate a string of tasks and decide that AI can automate that process, but a more effective approach would be to look at how the process can be improved before it is automated.

As with any business process improvement initiative, start with making the process better for stakeholders and for customers. When that is the result (as opposed to automation through AI), the team will more easily embrace the value of AI for some tasks.

While discussion around AI can seem very polarized, we believe AI can positively impact many organizations, especially if the culture is primed for innovation.

AI can evolve to automate time-consuming repetitive tasks that unnecessarily tax or potentially endanger the workforce. AI-powered drones and robots are already being used to automate inspections and shorten the cycle time.

It can be difficult for workers to ignore the media messages that blame AI for taking jobs. When leaders reframe AI-empowered innovation as a way to open doors to greater opportunity, the teams are more receptive. They can use their own intelligence, experience and wisdom to oversee projects much more effectively in the workplace. A sense of purpose and the freedom to make decisions leads to greater job satisfaction and better creative thinking. The use of AI is also leading to a new tier of technical experts who will be needed to manage it.

AI by itself won’t be an effective solution. It needs humans – and humanity – to achieve the right results. The give-and-take of compromise between teams who are working toward the same result is vital and cannot be replaced.

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