7 Characteristics of Successful Projects

Having the right manager for your construction, functional or mechanical project can make or break your operation. These projects have many moving parts and just as many opportunities for derailment due to escalating costs, unpredictable finish dates, and poor communication, just to name a few.

BDM Squared’s consultants and project managers have seen and learned a lot from successfully deploying initiatives in these vertices. They are experienced in managing the following types of projects:

  • Mechanical Construction
  • Environmental Services
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Remediation
  • Construction
  • Mechanical
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Biofuels
  • Safety
  • MEP Design

As a result of our experiences, we have identified seven characteristics which contribute to experiencing consistently positive results when managing mechanical, functional, and construction projects.

Characteristic #1 – Clear communication at all levels.

There are many components and people involved in executing projects in the mechanical, functional, and construction spaces.

  • Site crew workers
  • Site coordinators and/or Project Managers
  • Vendors
  • Executives and stakeholders

Clear and timely communications amongst all involved is mandatory.

Characteristic #2 – Progress transparency.

With so many factors influencing the outcome of your project, it is important for all stakeholders to understand how the project is progressing at any given moment. Your Site Coordinator and/or Project Manager should have their finger on the pulse of this information at all times and should be ready to communicate it.

Characteristic #3 – Controlled budget.

One of the markers of a successful project is when it stays on budget. To achieve that, the project must be accurately scoped from the onset. When challenges arise or unexpected events occur, it will be up to the project leaders to come up with creative solutions that keep costs within the project’s estimated budget.

Characteristic #4 – Excellent vendor management.

Having good relationships with vendors who are supplying material goods and services is vitally important to the success of mechanical, functional, and construction projects. Solid relationships help ease bottle necks when challenges arise.

Characteristic #5 – Adherence to established timeframes.

Beside keeping the budget controlled, one of the biggest hallmarks of a successful project is keeping it on time.  You will deepen your relationships and good will with your customers or end users when you deliver early.

Characteristic #6 – Smart software solutions.

Having the right software to manage your people and processes can help facilitate critical project insights and progress, control costs, manage vendors, and manage timelines.

Characteristic #7 – Mitigation of risks.

One of the most important skills your project leads should possess is the flexibility to navigate challenges. Barriers to progress can come from any angle. Your project leaders should be able to quickly assess all factors and create solutions that keep the project on target for meeting its goals.

Working with a firm like ours to manage your projects gives you several advantages.

  • Augment your existing workforce with specialized consultants
  • Outsource project leadership and support labor
  • Benefit from our consultant’s deep knowledge and experience
  • Manage your project’s costs

Whether you need our assistance on a single project or need us to lend our expertise to multiple initiatives, BDM Squared’s scalable team and solutions have you covered. Our knowledgeable Project Managers can provide strategic consultation and leadership on projects such as:

  • Equipment procurement and subcontracts
  • Projecting job costs and monitoring to prevent overages
  • Maintaining billing and schedules
  • Providing field leadership and technical support
  • Coordinating production oversight of daily operations with your project’s Superintendent
  • Workflow development
  • Vendor maintenance

Need help with an existing project?

We can perform a Project Health Assessment. We will examine a project that is already underway, both the work which has been completed and what remains. We will give it a score defining the project’s health. We also assess the methodology the project management team should be using to run the project and will rate their performance against their methodology. The detailed analysis will give you the insights you need to make critical decisions.

Are you launching a new initiative and want expert guidance? Let BDM Squared’s specialized consultants and project managers help you clarify your objectives and hit your strategic initiative’s targets. We will put our proprietary project management best practices and methodology to work for you to help you accomplish the results you’ve always dreamed.

Whatever your project, BDM Squared is here for you. Give us a call at 404-301-5879 or send an email to info@bdmsquared.com to schedule your consultation.