PM experience is priceless

After providing project management for a number of Cayenta Update and Upgrade projects, we know where the challenges are

  • Thorough Discovery: How many of the test cases apply to this upgrade? How many of them need to be customized to match the real environment? When this isn't done on the front end, everyone has to scramble at the end.
  • Resource Allocation: Maintaining control of the implementation timeline to make sure there is adequate time for appropriate testing.


Does Your Project Need a Dedicated Project Manager ?

Answer five questions to find out.
Project Management
On Demand

When your organization is ready to implement or upgrade your business systems,  BDM Squared will provide expert Project Managers to ensure an on-time, on-budget delivery. We will support you further with our resource continuity guarantee.

Business Process

When it's time to add a new line of business, BDM Squared can provide an experienced Business Analyst to identify, document and recommend improvements. Finding efficiencies will save time, money and provide better customer service.

The BDM Squared EDGE

Real-time access to our constantly updated, comprehensive project dashboard. At any point in the project, know that you'll have access to every detail - every document - every resource being managed for your benefit.


For any project management or business process work we do for your organization,  you'll get a qualified professional plus our internal governance and oversight. It's our guarantee of resource continuity for you. The project will not be delayed or incur cost increases if a change in the team is made.

Project Management as a Service

True project management is way more than keeping a schedule. A dedicated project manager will

  • Understand the risks inherent in making systems changes and work with your team to manage and mitigate those risks
  • Thoroughly document the deliverables you contract from your vendor and trace every requirement through implementation
  • Actively and effectively communicate with stakeholders and vendors
  • Manage the project scope to avoid unexpected costs and delays
  • Bring our proven methodology & toolsets or leverage the ones you prefer for your project.

Business Process Improvement

A BDM Squared consultant will align resources and technology with your vision using industry standard methodologies to:

  • Map the current process and assess its effectiveness
  • Identify opportunities to increase revenue growth and reduce expenses
  • Make recommendations to streamline workflow and find efficiencies
  • Recommend automation strategies and tools



Introducing: RFP Review

A new service for 2022 from BDM Squared.

Be sure the vendor can deliver all aspects of your project. Our Senior Project Managers will review vendors' responses to your RFP - or the contract terms if your process is that far along. We will:

  • Confirm that your requirements are being addressed directly and with enough specificity to guarantee success
  • Attend the demos and ask questions
  • Ensure the vendor's methodology is sound

Fixed price:
1% of the total project cost  (For projects with estimated total cost 250,000+ USD)

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